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Where to next in the outer solar system? Scientists have big ideas to explore icy moons and more.

If you had a few billion dollars and some of the most talented space scientists and engineers in the world, where would you go?

There’s no wrong answer, really. Even if you narrow it down to just the outer solar system — planets, moons, rings and other cosmic rubble — you’ll never get bored. But that abundance of solar system destinations has downsides, of course, since there’s little chance of ever flying all the missions scientists can dream of. But dreaming up those missions anyway is a vital piece of space exploration, and one that scientists do regularly.

During a recent virtual meeting of the Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), a science advisory group focused on everything past the asteroid belt, scientists walked the audience through three different mission concept studies...

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Election in Minnesota’s 2nd District delayed after death of third-party candidate

The November election in Minnesota’s 2nd District, and those voters’ representation in Congress early next year, got thrown into chaos Thursday after the reported death of a third-party candidate. A state official, citing state law, said the House election would be held early next year. 

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon issued a statement Thursday saying Adam Weeks, the Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate running for the seat currently held by freshman Democratic Rep. Angie Craig, had died. 

“The law is clear on what happens next,” Simon said in the statement. “If a major party nominee dies within 79 days of Election Day; a special election will be held for that office on the second Tuesday of February (February 9, 2021).”

Although some political observers questioned ...

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Assange ‘binge-watched’ court poison video

Pan PylasAAP
A doctor has told a UK court that Julian Assange appeared to be severely depressed in October 2019.
Camera IconA doctor has told a UK court that Julian Assange appeared to be severely depressed in October 2019.

Julian Assange relayed how he “binge-watched” a video of a former Bosnian Croat general taking his own life in a UN courtroom three years ago, a doctor who visited the WikiLeaks founder on several occasions has told an extradition hearing.

Dr. Sondra Crosby, associate professor of medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine, said she noted a visible deterioration in both his mental and physical state over her four visits from October 2017 to the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange was living.

He had been granted asylum by Ecuador five years earlier over fears of extradition to the US relate...

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‘Giant impact’ theory of moon’s formation gets another boost

Scientists have found fresh evidence in lunar rocks showing that the moon was likely formed after a Mars-sized planet crashed into the proto-Earth more than 4 billion years ago.

A NASA-led team examined moon rocks brought back to Earth by Apollo astronauts more than 50 years ago. Investigating the samples with advanced tools not available to researchers in the 1960s and 1970s, the team found further evidence of the “giant impact theory” by focusing on the amount and type of chlorine in the rocks, a new study reports.

The researchers discovered the moon has a higher concentration of “heavy” chlorine compared to Earth, which sports more “light” chlorine...

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House Democrats drafting $2.4 trillion coronavirus relief bill

There is considerable pressure to vote on something next week before heading home to campaign. Reps. Derek Kilmer of Washington and Stephanie Murphy of Florida, two leading moderate Democrats, said the chamber should vote on a bill even if there’s no bipartisan deal.

Other moderates, including freshmen in tough reelection fights, are demanding not just a new bill to present in negotiations or a messaging vote on the floor.

“[I]t is essential that we send the Senate a compromise bill before the election that is reasonable and that can be signed into law by the President of the United States,” Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Abigail Spanberger of Virginia and Dean Phillips of Minnesota wrote in a letter to Democratic leaders they were circulating for signatures.

Gottheimer was elected in 2...

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UK hits record high daily virus cases

William JamesAAP
More than 6630 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the UK - a new daily record.
Camera IconMore than 6630 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the UK – a new daily record.

The United Kingdom has recorded its highest number of daily cases of COVID-19 at 6634, according to government data, reflecting a second wave of infections sweeping through the country but also a much higher level of testing than during the first wave.

The number released on Thursday was up from 6178 on Wednesday, itself a jump from 4926 the previous day.

Earlier, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government estimated fewer than 10,000 people were becoming infected every day as opposed to estimated numbers of more than 100,000 during the peak of the first wave.

“(At the peak), we estimate through ...

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Celestron Ambassador 80AZ telescope: Full review

Without a doubt, the Celestron Ambassador 80AZ is one of the most beautifully crafted telescopes we have had the chance to review — it’s made almost entirely of brass, polished to a high finish and affixed to a mahogany tripod.

Due to the stunning appearance of the telescope, which also features a brass star diagonal, eyepiece barrel as well as brass-finished lens caps, it seems a shame to pack it away after use: if you have the room, the Celestron Ambassador 80AZ doubles up as an ornament for your home or office and is certainly a conversation starter. 

In terms of add-ons, the Celestron Ambassador 80AZ is supplied with a 6×30 finderscope and a 0...

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Credit union lobby starts $7 million effort to help vulnerable incumbents

Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the Maine and Montana Senate races as Toss-ups, while it has Peters’ race, against Republican John James, as Leans Democratic and Smith’s race, against former GOP Rep. Jason Lewis, as Solid Democratic.

Voters in Maine, Montana, Michigan and Minnesota have been bombarded with ads in the presidential race and down the ballot, including from party committees, super PACs and other outside groups. Unlike a lot of the political ads right now, Hawkins says all of the credit union messages will have a positive tone. 

An ad aimed at Collins praises her work to protect senior citizens from fraud...

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Perth Scorchers begin WBBL06 with tough start against reigning champions Brisbane Heat

Amy Jones of the Scorchers plays a shot during the Women's Big Bash League match against the Brisbane Heat.
Camera IconAmy Jones of the Scorchers plays a shot during the Women’s Big Bash League match against the Brisbane Heat. Credit: Jono Searle/Getty Images

Perth Scorchers will face a baptism of fire in their Women’s Big Bash League opener, coming up against reigning champions Brisbane first up following an eight-month lay-off.

New coach Shelley Nitschke believes the tough introduction is a blessing in disguise, with the nation-wide cricket shutdown giving her team a better chance of upsetting the Heat first-up.

“It’s all a very even playing field, everyone is in the same boat with regards to minimal cricket being played,” Nitschke said.

“I think the first round or the first couple of rounds are a really level playing field...

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Blue Origin scrubs New Shepard rocket launch due to power glitch

Blue Origin called off the planned launch of its New Shepard rocket from West Texas today (Sept. 24), citing a power glitch.

The reusable New Shepard rocket and capsule were originally scheduled to lift off on an uncrewed test flight from the company’s West Texas launch facility at 10 a.m. CDT (11 a.m. EDT; 1500 GMT). About an hour before liftoff, Blue Origin delayed the launch by 100 minutes “to allow for the cloud cover to clear in West Texas,” the company tweeted this morning. 

But as those cloudy skies cleared up, Blue Origin discovered another problem, this time with the scientific payloads inside the capsule. 

“We’ve detected a potential issue with the power supply to the experiments...

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