Clinic Home – Department Of Psychological Sciences

Assessments are charged by the hour. Interview(s), testing and feedback to clients are charged at $40 per hour (or $25 per hour for concession). You may be asked if you are willing for a student to sit in and observe sessions, لینک and may be offered the option of seeing an intern psychologist at a lower rate. Graduate students provide psychological services under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. We recognize that all students require broad clinical training that spans a range of skills, modalities, settings, کلیک کنید and populations. All students and interns are closely supervised by senior clinicians. Clinicians are allocated based on best fit. Services are provided by experienced, registered senior clinical psychologists and registered intern psychologists. Our experienced, registered senior clinical psychologists and registered intern psychologists provide high-quality therapy to the public. Many of our senior clinicians are ACC registered (for physical injury and sensitive claims) and are trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing). Our clinicians are committed to providing culturally appropriate services under te Tiriti o Waitangi. We will then discuss available clinicians and seek to book an initial appointment. Individuals who seek assistance from the Psychology Clinic whose problems are not consistent with current training or research needs or who need more than the limited hours of the Clinic are offered appropriate referrals to other mental health agencies or community resources. Learn more about the clinic. Dr. Schacht and other licensed psychologists provide close supervision of graduate students, who provide direct services to clients in the clinic. We might suggest others who can help or provide support free of charge. And this makes sense: the effect we are looking for is, after all, psychoanalytic, so the best that politics can do, within the clinical setting,1 is to help us further disengage both ourselves and the analysand from constraints that get in the way of a subject’s encounter with their own desire. Please note that, whilst we care and will do whatever we can to help you, Mind Profile does not provide crisis/emergency support. As a university training clinic our services reflect a high standard in clinical practice and professional care. Our clinic offers a range of assessments.


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