That is certainly the signal Democratic leaders are sending. “Our unity served us well yesterday.  Our unity will again serve us well in the ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts,” Pelosi said this week in a “Dear Colleague” letter regarding their positioning on the continuing resolution the chamber passed and sent over to the Senate.

“I would hope that no Democrat would sign a discharge petition, which turns over control of the House floor to the other party, the minority party,” House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer told reporters Wednesday.

“But what I hope they would do is urge that we pass a bill which reflects, perhaps, a substantial reduction in what we thought was necessary, but nevertheless, dealing with all of the issues that are critical if we’re going to confront COVID-19 …  in a comprehensive package,” the Maryland Democrat added.

Hoyer seemed to be encouraging members to pressure Pelosi to allow the House to vote a compromise bill, even if Senate Republicans and the White House don’t engage.

Pelosi has on numerous occasions offered to compromise with the GOP on a $2.2 trillion package, halfway between House Democrats’ $3.4 trillion bill passed in May and Senate Republicans’ original $1 trillion proposal.  But the White House has only shown willingness to go as high as the $1.5 trillion the Problem Solvers proposed and Pelosi has dismissed that as inadequate.