Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the Maine and Montana Senate races as Toss-ups, while it has Peters’ race, against Republican John James, as Leans Democratic and Smith’s race, against former GOP Rep. Jason Lewis, as Solid Democratic.

Voters in Maine, Montana, Michigan and Minnesota have been bombarded with ads in the presidential race and down the ballot, including from party committees, super PACs and other outside groups. Unlike a lot of the political ads right now, Hawkins says all of the credit union messages will have a positive tone. 

An ad aimed at Collins praises her work to protect senior citizens from fraud. Spots aimed at Daines and Peters focus on the coronavirus pandemic, declaring that Daines was “there to help” and Peters “supported all efforts to take the coronavirus seriously.”

The campaign begins as voting is already underway in several states, including Michigan, Virginia and Illinois. 

“We think right now is the perfect time to launch these,” Hawkins said. “Voters are starting to pay attention, voters are starting to vote. We are particularly targeting — our strategy and tactics varies race by race — but a lot of our messaging is targeting independent or swing voters who may be on the fence and are just now starting to focus on the election.”