Dean tells Ziggy about dead Ross’ murder in the name of love.
Camera IconDean tells Ziggy about dead Ross’ murder in the name of love. Credit: Channel 7

The promo just told us it was going to be “the greatest week of Home and Away” and I actually believe them.

Since this dead Ross thing ramped back up a few weeks ago I suspected that Dean wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and now we’re about to find out.

Basically Colby’s recent and reckless actions – the affair with Taylor – has put his best mate Dean in an awfully difficult position where he either tells Ziggy about the murder and therefore implicates her or sacrifices his own girlfriend who would surely break up with him for giving her the run-around.

Ziggy has a go at Dean, then Amber follows suit because he “broke Jai’s heart” by cancelling their play date.

Dean giving his girlfriend mixed messages.
Camera IconDean giving his girlfriend mixed messages. Credit: Channel 7

“I’m not going to let that happen,” Amber says to Dean to protect her son.

“You can’t see him anymore.”

This doesn’t bode well with Willow who is very busy keeping things together for all parties involved and she stands up to Amber on behalf of Dean and tells her to stop “using Jai as reward and punishment”.

We’re yet to hear the result of this, but if anyone can get through to Amber, it’s Willow because they’re old buds.

Anyway, Dean is freaking out and expresses this though widening his eyes as much as possible.

“If I don’t tell her the truth it’s over. If I do tell her the truth…” he trails off.

Dean approaches Ziggy in the garage — which has just been bequeathed to her by Justin in case of the worst — but more on that soon.

Once again talking about highly sensitive matters in far too public spaces.
Camera IconOnce again talking about highly sensitive matters in far too public spaces. Credit: Channel 7

It’s very tense.

“I need to be straight with you,” Dean says to Ziggy.

He tells her it’s about dead Ross’ investigation and says the more she knows, the worse it will be.

While this is a very crucial moment, all I can think about is that they should be having this conversation in private and not in a workshop where anyone could walk in.

Ziggy asks: “Were you there?”

“I was there when Colby shot him,” Dean replies.

“I helped him cover it up.”

“I love you Ziggy.”

Tears are rolling down Ziggy’s face, but not Dean’s, but he probably can’t cry on cue or he would be balling his eyes out.

I think Ziggy will stand by him. After all she did get that questionable tattoo on her bum for him and if that’s not love, what is?

Dr Green — aka budget McDreamy — makes a house call with Justin’s test results.

Can we just take a moment to talk about Dr Green’s wardrobe?

Is this Home and Away’s attempt at hipster?
Camera IconIs this Home and Away’s attempt at hipster? Credit: Channel 7

He’s in aubergine chinos, a white shirt and paisley tie which I don’t take particular issue to, but he’s popped a whitewashed denim jacket over the top which doesn’t agree with me.

I’m not really sure why Tori has taken a disliking to him. Yes he had his feet on the desk that one time but he’s apparently the best neurosurgeon in the country and he’s agreed to operate on her brother, Justin, at a moment’s notice.

She should be thrilled.

Justin is admitted and the whole gang, Tori, Leah and nurse Jasmine pass on their best wishes as he gets wheeled on a gurney, hairnet and all, and we wait to see if Leah’s dead husband curse will strike.

The gang seeing Justin off.
Camera IconThe gang seeing Justin off. Credit: Channel 7

Also Roo and new Daddo, Owen, run into each other and it’s all smiles and giggles.

All giggly because she got asked on a date.
Camera IconAll giggly because she got asked on a date. Credit: Channel 7

He asks her out again and they go to Salt where Ryder is their waiter which surprisingly isn’t awkward.

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