Apparently Taylor doesn't feel guilty about the affair, but the face says otherwise.
Camera IconApparently Taylor doesn’t feel guilty about the affair, but the face says otherwise. Credit: Channel 7

The sharpies are out and tattoos drawn on because Colby is shirtless and he’s done the deed with Taylor.

Last night we were left with a classic cliff hanger as Taylor was invited into Colby’s secret hotel room to continue their affair after a fake tip off sent Angelo out of town. It’s a flawless plan really.

Some time has passed because their wine glasses are now empty — presumably Chardonnay.

“My husband doesn’t have to find out,” Taylor says to Colby.

They move to the couch and then we find them lying in bed.

“I just cheated on my husband and I don’t even feel guilty about it,” Taylor says.

However, her facial expressions says otherwise and just as she is on her way to Colby’s to apparently call off the affair, she meets friendly Jasmine.

Jasmine is on a roll tonight handing out advice now that she’s cured and the new pals bond over coffee and life being married to a man who is married to the job.

Jasmine on a roll with her advise now that she’s cured.
Camera IconJasmine on a roll with her advise now that she’s cured. Credit: Channel 7

Meanwhile Dean thinks his life is pottering along well and is busy persuading Ziggy — who moved out so he could figure out the “I have a son” situation — to move back in.

This exchange goes on throughout the episode but after Dean successfully lists 100 reasons why she should move home, Ziggy starts to come around to her boyfriend.

But at that exact moment Amber and Jai, the only thing that’s holding her back, appear and she doesn’t think there’s a place for her.

Jas also puts in her two cents with Ziggy and again, finds a way to relate it to her situation with dead Robbo and their blended family with Tori and precious baby Gracie.

Back to the affair and Willow is the first to find out.

“All its going to take is one wrong move for this whole thing to collapse,” Willow says to Colby.

And then it finally happens.

The front door was wide open and Dean walks in on this heated discussion and now knows that Colby slept with Angelo’s wife. It was only a matter of time but at least it was Dean and not Angelo.

“Rosetta’s going to smell a rat,” Dean says.

Colby says they’re overacting as per usual but Dean so righteously points out that Angelo is a detective and it’s in his very nature to find out juicy bits of town gossip.

So Colby says he’s going to end the affair.

But he doesn’t.

Colby and Taylor meet up in this auspicious hotel room and the affair is certainly not called off.

In light of the monumental news that threatens to be their downfall, Dean calls off lunch with his son and Amber’s not happy about it.

Dean’s first parenting lesson.
Camera IconDean’s first parenting lesson. Credit: Channel 7

I’m not sure if Amber thinks Ziggy has moved back in and wants to shut down their relationship before it gets back on track or she’s genuinely looking out for Jai, but Amber gives Dean his first lesson on being a real parent and words like “disappointed” are used.

I maintain that he should get a paternity test anyway.

Dean comes home to find Ziggy has moved back in but he’s so preoccupied with Colby’s reckless behaviour, that his own girlfriend is not welcomed with open arms and literally tells her that he doesn’t want her to move in anymore.

No doubt this will damage their already rocky relationship, possibly for good, or if he really loves her, Dean will confess everything about dead Ross’ murder to Ziggy making her the fifth person to be tied up in it.

Also of note is how Alf and Irene are at their wits end with John. He is however taking a liking to Jai but possibly “compensating for loneliness”.

John has taken a liking to Jai, but driving everyone else insane.
Camera IconJohn has taken a liking to Jai, but driving everyone else insane. Credit: Channel 7

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