I’ve taken this race for granted for too long. Harrison is an underdog, but the race is competitive, if public and private polls are to be believed.

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Kansas seems like a difficult race for the Democrats (it’s very white, very rural and generally old), but their nominee, Barbara Bollier, is running competitively in an open seat against GOP Rep. Roger Marshall, who won a contentious primary.

Some Democratic groups are playing heavily in the race, which is reason enough to keep an eye on Bollier, who is a quality candidate.

The race in Georgia between GOP Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff continues to look competitive. But Ossoff probably needs an outright win in November (a runoff would favor Perdue), and Biden might well need to carry the state for Ossoff to pull off an upset.

In Michigan, Republican John James continues his aggressive challenge to Democratic Sen. Gary Peters. The race certainly is not a blowout, nor is it over. But Biden seems to be doing well in Michigan, and Peters, while not the best candidate, remains the favorite in the race.