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Coronavirus South Australia: New gathering rules announced after two new COVID-19 cases

‘Australia is on high alert’: South Australian premier Steven Marshall.
Camera Icon‘Australia is on high alert’: South Australian premier Steven Marshall. Credit: Mark Brake/Getty Images

South Australia has reported two new coronavirus cases as officials move to reimpose some COVID-19 restrictions.

Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier says a man in his 50s has tested positive and is a close contact of an existing case. He has been placed in hotel quarantine.

The second case is another man in his 50s who returned from India on the weekend on a repatriation flight. He also remains in hotel quarantine.

The two cases take the number of active infections in SA to eight.

Professor Spurrier said the increase was disappointing.

“This absolutely reflects the situation in Victoria… of how trans...

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یکی دیگر از Pasquale Barbaro را در پشت میله ها

کارن SweeneyAAP
Pasquale Barbaro has been jailed for trafficking ecstasy, ice and cannabis.
آیکون دوربینPasquale Barbaro شده است / شورای داعش برای قاچاق وجد یخ و شاهدانه.

تا آنجا که بد بخت به نام برو, Pasquale Barbaro وجود دارد تا با unluckiest از همه است.

یک ملبورن Pasquale – که ترجیح می دهد با پاتریک و یا پت – نیز محکوم شده است نزدیک به هشت سال به صورت قاچاق وجد یخ و شاهدانه.

30 سال خدمت باید حداقل پنج سال پس از او التماس کرد گناه را به سه جدی اتهام مواد مخدر و سلاح های دیگر اتهامات عنوان شده علیه...

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جایزه گرمی نامزد دریافت جایزه نوازنده Frank Ocean برادر رایان براوکس گزارش کشته در تصادف ماشین

Frank Ocean’s younger brother Ryan Breaux has reportedly died in a car crash.
آیکون دوربینFrank Ocean برادر کوچکتر Ryan براوکس درگذشت در یک تصادف. اعتبار: مت Sayles/AP

18-year-old برادر کوچکتر از جایزه گرمی نامزد دریافت جایزه هنرمند Frank Ocean درگذشت در شرایط غم انگیز است.

با توجه به ما خروجی اخبار ABC 7 دو نفر در یک تصادف رانندگی در کالیفرنیا در 1.30 هستم صبح روز یکشنبه به وقت محلی.

اقیانوس برادر رایان براوکس نشده است نام توسط مقامات اما تاثیر گذار به نام B Scott است و مدعی است که براوکس و یکی از دوستان او بودند قربانیان در این ح...

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Coronavirus ویکتوریا: موارد سقوط به 429 به عنوان سخت مستند آغاز می شود

غرب استرالیا
Daniel Andrews watches on as Victorian chief health office Brett Sutton addressed the media in Melbourne on Sunday.
آیکون دوربینDaniel Andrews ساعت در ویکتوریا به عنوان رئیس دفتر سلامت برت Sutton خطاب به رسانه ها در ملبورن در روز یکشنبه. اعتبار: NCA مستند در یک dvd/David Geraghty

یک روز پس از دولت از فاجعه اعلام شد و ساعت به ویکتوریا سخت مرحله چهار مستند دولت گزارش 429 جدید کروناویروس موارد است.

این نشان دهنده سقوط قابل توجهی پایین 242 از روز یکشنبه 627 موارد — و به خوبی زیر پنج شنبه رکورد 723...

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ناسا تحسین موفقیت SpaceX 1 فضانورد ماموریت: ‘این فقط آغاز است’

موفقیت SpaceX اولین crewed ماموریت ناسا بسیار خوش بینانه در مورد آینده بشر spaceflight.

یک SpaceX خدمه اژدها کپسول حمل فضانوردان ناسا باب Behnken و داگ Hurley پخش در خلیج مکزیک امروز (Aug. 2) بسته بندی تا این شرکت نسخه ی نمایشی تاریخی-2 تست پرواز به ایستگاه فضایی بین المللی.

نسخه ی نمایشی-2 مارس 30 راه اندازی شد اولین مداری crewed ماموریت به ترک از خاک ایالات متحده آمریکا پس از آخرین پرواز ناسا , شاتل فضایی برنامه در سال 2011...

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Several months til Aust-NZ bubble: Ardern

Ben McKayAAP
Daniel Andrews knows NZ is available to talk about lessons from COVID-19, Jacinda Ardern says.
Camera IconDaniel Andrews knows NZ is available to talk about lessons from COVID-19, Jacinda Ardern says.

Jacinda Ardern has given her support to Victorians beginning a tough New Zealand-style lockdown while suggesting it has put off hopes for a trans-Tasman bubble until 2021.

The NZ prime minister said it would be several months until the return of regular travel between Australia and New Zealand following the spread of COVID-19 to Victoria.

“Part of our criteria is anywhere we have quarantine-free travel, they have to be free of community transmission for a period of time, 28 days,” she told network Three.

“That is going to take a long time for Australia … so that will be on the backburner for some time...

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Treasurer weighs support for virus ‘war’

Matt CoughlanAAP
Melbourne has been placed under curfew between 8pm and 5am for the next six weeks.
Camera IconMelbourne has been placed under curfew between 8pm and 5am for the next six weeks.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has declared Victoria is at war as the federal government weighs up extra economic support to guide the state through its supercharged lockdown.

Extending eligibility for JobKeeper wage subsidies and introducing paid pandemic leave are being considered after the state spent its first night under curfew.

Mr Frydenberg said JobKeeper in its current form would continue until the end of September, which is later than lockdown is slated to last.

“We are at war. Every Victorian is on the front line. Everyone has a role to play,” he told the ABC on Monday.

“We can’t afford any holes in our ...

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Boaters gatecrash SpaceX’s 1st splashdown with astronauts. ‘We need to do better,’ NASA chief says.

It was an unprecedented sight: A SpaceX capsule — the first to carry NASA astronauts  — bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by private boaters, one of them bearing a flag supporting President Donald Trump.

The SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour splashed down off the coast of Pensacola, Florida Sunday (Aug. 2), returning astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to Earth after their historic Demo-2 test flight. But shortly after that splashdown, private boats swarmed the space capsule, apparently hoping for a closer look. 

“That was not what we were anticipating,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a post-splashdown briefing. “After they landed, the boats just came in. We need to do a better job next time for sure.”

Full coverage: SpaceX’s historic Demo-2 Crew Dragon astronaut te...

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2020 Honda Civic RS review

Honda Civic
Camera IconHonda Civic Credit: Supplied/Supplied

For a time, the Honda Civic was the driver’s small car choice: fun to drive, with high-revving, rewarding engines.

Then, as the brand has admitted and has been widely reported, Honda decided to play it safe with its vehicles and, in its own words, “lost its mojo” (and a heap of customers).

Small cars don’t do the heavy lifting for a brand’s sales they once did — SUVs of varying sizes pick up much of the slack these days — but Honda chose the Civic to show it was re-embracing its sporty past.

Since it arrived a few years back it’s been pretty successful, bumping up its Australian segment share from just 2 per cent in 2015 to 7 per cent last year...

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Icy cold snap could bring snow to Hobart

Snow is possible in Hobart's higher suburbs this week.
Camera IconSnow is possible in Hobart’s higher suburbs this week.

Tasmania is set to be hit by a cold snap this week which could deliver snow to elevated suburbs of Hobart.

The low pressure system is expected to cross the island state on Monday night, with snow possible as low as 200m on Tuesday.

It could settle in the higher areas of Hobart, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts.

Strong icy winds with gusts up to 90km/h are likely from Tuesday evening, with maximum temperatures to drop below 10C across most of the state.

A bushwalker alert has been issued for hazardous conditions in the west and Central Plateau regions.

Drivers are being warned to watch for slippery black ice on roads.

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