Pelosi earlier this week mandated the wearing of masks both on the House floor and in House office buildings.

On the Senate side of the Capitol, McConnell told “PBS NewsHour” host Judy Woodruff that he’s not considering similar action in the Senate because “we’ve had good compliance with that on the Senate side without a mandate.”

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who tested positive for the coronavirus in the spring and does not wear a mask, has made claims as recently as this week that he’s now immune from getting it again. The CDC says people infected with similar viruses are “unlikely to be re-infected shortly” after recovery, but “more information is needed” to be sure.

Utah Republican Mike Lee has also been seen not wearing a mask, Newsweek reports.

Discussion on how to conduct testing on the Senate side is still occurring, said Senate Rules and Administration Chairman Roy Blunt, who has been advocating more testing of staff and members. He said there are conversations happening, and lawmakers will be trying to deal with it over the “next few days.”